Pearlweave Netting Corp. has over 60 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality knotted, nylon netting. Our reputation is unsurpassed within the commercial and industrial marketplace where strength and durability are paramount. Our netting is made of black high tenacity nylon which makes it ideal for any application inclusive of safety, construction, sports, or fishing. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA by an experienced staff of machine operators and fabricators working out of our 110,000 sq. ft facility in New Rochelle, NY.

Factory Direct Pricing - Because we manufacture our products right here in the USA, Pearlweave guarantees factory direct pricing; you won't find a higher quality net for a lower price. We offer the full range of netting products for all applications and budgets, each with a respective twine size, mesh size, break strength, durability, and useful life.

Material - We offer both Nylon and Dyneema® products to satisfy every application and budget.

Configuration - All netting is made in the traditional knotted construction which provides superior strength and endurance. We make netting in both diamond and square mesh orientation.

Construction - Twisted Knotted, Twisted Knotless and Raschell Knotless

Twine Range - #9 (1.5mm) through #120 (5.0 mm)

Mesh Range - ½ in. through 10 in.

Treatment- Our high tenacity solution-dyed yarn ensures the net will not fade. Our netting can be coated with a latex bond to improve abrasion/wear resistance, or we can apply a flame- retardant coating.

Custom Fabrication - send us your specifications and our team of engineers can design and fabricate any netting product for your specific use case.

Since there are an infinite number of mesh size and twine size possibilities, please contact our resident net experts, Bernd Koring at or Jeremy Chatoor at for more information.