Debris Netting

PearlWeave offers a full-line of OSHA compliant debris netting systems. Selection criteria for determining mesh construction and rated capacity are based on product weights/descriptions and fall distance/trajectory.

High Strength: PearlWeave rated debris nets are manufactured from durable high strength nylon in diamond or square mesh construction. Available in mesh sizes from 1/2-inch to 4-inch, our knotted nylon products have rated capacities up to 17,500 foot-pounds.

Border Treatments: PearlWeave debris netting products can be finished with polypropylene border ropes or other custom edge treatments.

Mesh Construction: Pearlweave nylon debris netting products are available in either squared mesh construction where the mesh is machine-sewn to the border rope or diamond mesh construction where the mesh is hog-ringed to the border rope.

Latex Coating: PearlWeave nets are provided with a latex coating. This treatment improves the nets resistance to abrasion allowing for optimum long-term indoor and outdoor protection.

Fire Retardant: PearlWeave's exclusive latex flame retardant treatment is unique in that it can be added to our standard net coating. As a result, only our nets can pass NFPA 701 without a decrease in overall net performance.

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