Material Handling Netting

PearlWeave's material handling net systems facilitate compliance with OSHA standards for the movement and storage of products. Call PearlWeave today and let us design a solution to your compliance and safety concerns

PearlWeave offers a full-line of OSHA compliant netting systems. Selection criteria for determining mesh construction and rated capacity are based on product weights/descriptions and fall distance/trajectory.

Rack Guard: PearlWeave is effective as a vertical barrier for warehouse storage racks as required by OSHA 1926.250. Proper net selection eliminates product falls and protects personnel in nearby work areas. Our systems are easily installed on virtually all rack designs. Select from "rolled goods" or knotted nylon for the compliant solution!

Conveyor Guard: PearlWeave is useful as a horizontal safety net for debris containment when installed under and around an elevated conveyor. In compliance with OSHA 1926.555, our conveyor guards reduce damage to fallen products and provide passive overhead protection for employees working below the nets.

Mezzanine Guard: PearlWeave's unique guardrail and toeboard systems satisfy fall protection requirements for open-sided mezzanines as mandated by OSHA - Subpart M. When properly installed from required top-rail and secured directly to deck level, PearlWeave exceeds the OSHA requirements for mid-rail and toe board protection.

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