Personnel Netting

PearlWeave Personnel Safety Net Systems when installed horizontally provide passive fall protection for workers above the nets and passive Debris Netting protection for workers and the public below the nets.

PearlWeave Personnel Safety Nets are hand-crafted to rigid specifications and then thoroughly tested, per ANSI 10.11 to ensure that they exceed all mandatory and voluntary safety standards.

High Strength Nylon: PearlWeave Personnel Safety Nets are manufactured from durable high-strength nylon. Our 4-inch, double-strand, diamond construction has been designed and tested to withstand force in excess of 17,500 foot-pounds. They have been certified to comply with ANSI A10.11 and OSHA 1926.500-Subpart M.

Forged Snap Hooks: Forged steel snap hooks are lashed into place every 48-inches. Staggered spacing on opposite sides allows for nets to be easily connected to each other.

Ultra-Violet Retardant: PearlWeave Personnel Safety Net Systems and Debris Netting are provided with a latex coating. This treatment retards the effects of ultra-violet (UV) exposure and improves the nets' resistance to abrasion.

Flame Retardant: PearlWeave's exclusive latex flame retardant treatment is unique in that it can be added to our standard coating. As a result, only our nets can pass NFPA 701 without a decrease in overall net performance.

Debris Liner: Personnel nets can be lined with 1/4 inch polyester raschel Debris Netting to catch debris, tools, etc. that would otherwise fall through the 4-inch openings. 

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