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Batting Cages USA has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing knotted netting for various sport applications such as Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Stadium and other recreational activities. From beginner to the professional level, our netting products are proudly manufactured in the USA and fabricated in our factory and facility in New Rochelle, NY.


About our Netting

The Ball Stops Here – A great net starts with a quality product that stops all balls, protects players and lasts for seasons. We use only the best materials for manufacturing and all our products are fabricated by our experienced team.


Pricing - Factory Direct – We guarantee factory direct pricing; you won’t find a higher quality net for a lower price. We offer the full range of netting products from the economy to the professional level, each with a respective twine size, mesh size, break strength, durability and useful life.


Material - Nylon & Polyethylene (HDPE) - We offer both Nylon and HDPE to satisfy every application and budget. All netting is made in the traditional knotted construction which provides superior strength and endurance. We make netting in both diamond and square mesh orientation.


Treatment - Solution Dyed Black vs. Conventional Dip-and-Dye – Our black color and UV inhibitors are added into the yarn during the extrusion process. The 100% high tenacity solution dyed yarn ensures the net will not fade and prevents smudging/discoloration of balls. Our nets are also coated with a latex bond that improve abrasion/wear resistance and feel.